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Product Detail:
Complete fresh pack cherry line. Line will also do small fruits, kiwi and grape tomatoes. Line was put in 2007. Very good condition.

Line includes:

  • Line capacity: Strong 15 tons based on sizes.
  • Products: Multiple cherry sizes.
  • Filling: Clam shells and cartons of various sizes.
Fresh Pack Line Includes:
  • Motors with drive speed control for optimum production.
  • Fruit conveyance that allows the use of 1 to 8 grading table options.
  • Hydro cooler that allows precise control of cooling cherries.
  • Fluming that allows the use of 1 to 3 red pearl sizer options.
  • Carton filling that allows bulk, bag or clams of any sized at any time.
  • Accurate check weighing of all cartons with presettable weight.
  • Modified atmosphere (MA) of poly liners of any or all cartons.
  • Printing of all cartons and sizes with proper label ID.
  • Rapid conveyance of all finished product to cool secure area.
  • Pallet tagging and secure storage of all products.
  • Secure, enclosed, refrigerated loading area for outbound products.
  • Accurate accounting of all fruit packages including cull/brine counts.


Cherry Packing Process:

Bin infeed and dumper
Volume control elevator
Stem cutter saw table
Presize roll sizer
Distribution to grade table feed
Eight double rollover grading table
Grading table flumes to hydro-cooler
Inside hydro-cooler
Hydro-cooler flumes to red pearl sizer
Three red pearl batch fill color sizer
Twenty-four bar coding carton filling station
Six check weight stations
Nine modified atmosphere bag sealer and lidding
Barcod scanner/printer auto reject
Packed cartons elevated/conveyed to cold storage palletizing area.

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